In my work I am exploring the sources of my creativity. When I work I experience fields of energy filled with images, colors, emotional textures and non-linear messages flowing through and around me. I work to holistically sense and interpret these different states of creative consciousness, or “muse”. I respond directly to this non-linear information, improvisationally and quickly shifting colors and shapes until I feel and see the canvas coming into harmonic balance and an sense of connectedness.

Working with different sources of creativity has, so far, produced three bodies of work. The main body involves vibrant color and bold forms; another body expresses more muted colors and fluid composition; and the third body explores paper construction and collage. All express color combinations and composition unexpected to my linear mind.

I use acrylic and mixed media because I like the range of textures, fluidity and potency of color they offer. I also like working with water-based, fast-drying materials as it allows me to work quickly and easily shift media and
compositional forms.